Meeting with Jungle: “It’s not just a band, it's an attitude towards life that values positivity and creativity.”

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August 11, 2023

Recognizable by their joyful, eclectic musical style blending funk, soul and electro, British duo Jungle return with a highly-anticipated new album. Following the success of Lovin in Stereo and the Billie Eilish tour, the band presents Volcano, their 4th album released today. In an interview, the two childhood friends talk about their friendship, their relationship with their audience and the importance of dance in their artistic universe.

Jungle ©Arthur Williams

You've known each other since you were 9 years old. Has your friendship been strengthened by your shared passion for music?

Our long-standing friendship has been the foundation of Jungle right from the start. This mutual love for music has done more than just solidify our bond; it's provided us a shared ambition and an expressive medium. As friends and musicians, our journey together has been represented in the music we've created.

You mix musical genres: funk, soul, electro, pop. How would you describe your band?

Jungle, to us, is a fusion of eclectic styles and influences. We're rooted in contemporary soul but never shy away from infusing elements of funk, electro, and pop into our music. The aim is to harmonize the natural with the synthetic, the traditional with the contemporary, to produce something invigorating and novel.

What musical inspirations do you draw on when creating? Do you tend to draw inspiration from funk and soul musicians, or from artists totally different from your own music style?

Our inspiration is derived from a broad spectrum of artists. While we're greatly influenced by classic funk and soul musicians, the pulsating energy of modern electronic music also leaves its imprint on our sound. However, we do take inspiration from artists and genres that might not seem like a direct match, enriching our music with a diverse blend of ideas.

“Dance gives our music a physical form, mirroring its rhythm and vitality.”

You've made a number of collaborations on your new album: Bas, Erick The Architect (Flatbush Zombies), Channel Tres and Roots Manuva to name but a few. Can you tell me more about the creative process behind the music? How do you bring together your own universe with that of other artists?

Collaborations offer a chance to broaden our creative scope and introduce novel elements to our sound. Working with artists like Bas, Erick The Architect, Channel Tres, and Roots Manuva is about discovering shared musical ground and venturing into the fascinating intersections. It's a reciprocal exchange of concepts and influences, leading to music that can be both unexpected and thrilling.

Dance is very important for you and choreography is an integral part of your music videos. Can you tell me more about dancing? For example, do you already have an idea of the choreography when you create your music?

Dance is an essential part of our artistic expression. It gives our music a physical form, mirroring its rhythm and vitality. We generally have an inkling of the sort of movement and choreography a song might inspire during its creation, with the finer details being worked out with professional choreographers later. It's a team effort that adds an additional dimension to our music.

Jungle ©Arthur Williams

I also wanted to talk about your relationship with fashion and style. You seem to pay particular attention to the image and clothing style of your dancers in your music videos. Do you feel that image and fashion are intrinsically linked to your music?

Yes, visual aesthetics and fashion are an integral part of our music. They intensify the themes and emotions inherent in our sound and provide a visual narrative. The style of our dancers, the design of our sets, the cinematography – they all contribute to the total Jungle experience.

"We envision Jungle as not just a band, it's a collective energy, a mood, an attitude towards life that values positivity and creativity."

You're touring the world until the end of the year. What is your relationship with your audience?

Our connection with our audience holds immense importance for us. Our music serves as a medium not only to express ourselves but also to forge a bond with others and share our worldview. The real-time interactions, the live energy and enthusiasm we receive from our audience during our performances, is one of the most gratifying aspects of our journey.

"Jungle" is music that puts you in a good mood, that makes you want to dance, with a particular clothing style. Isn't "Jungle" a lifestyle after all?

We envision Jungle as not just a band, it's a collective energy, a mood, an attitude towards life that values positivity and creativity. Our music seeks to highlight the happiness and beauty of life, and we try to mirror this philosophy in everything we do, from our clothing to our visuals to our performances.

Your next album Volcano is the logical sequel to your previous album, what story do you want to continue telling?

Volcano is a sequel to our previous musical narratives but also signifies a fresh phase for us. As artists, we've matured since our last album and are eager to present this evolution to our fans. This new album explores deeper into themes of love, resilience, and self-realization, featuring some of our most adventurous and unconventional music. We're looking forward to its release and the reactions it will receive.

Jungle ©Arthur Williams
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